WhatsApp Upcoming Update: Picture in Picture Mode


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As long as the popular instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ is concerned, you won’t stop seeing amazing updates.

According to reports, WhatsApp has been working on this feature for some months now, and they are near the state of perfection. This feature is called Picture in Picture Mode.

The Picture in Picture mode allows you to watch YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos directly inside of WhatsApp.

How Will The Picture in Picture Mode Work?
When the feature is rolled out, you will see a Play icon in the thumbnail preview in the video link.
Note: this might change before the said release of the feature.


When you tap on the Play icon, WhatsApp will show you the video in Picture in Picture mode, so you can likewise continue to navigate in the chat while you’re viewing the video interesting right?


The same is applied when you see an Instagram Video on WhatsApp, but its not applicable to Instagram story videos.

At present, no given time frame for the release of this feature but everyone will definitely be put in picture when it is available.

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