WhatsApp upcoming features will let you edit and revoke already sent messages, videos and photos


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WhatsApp has released loads of new features and improvements for their messaging app, for example, the new video calling, group invite link, mentions and so on. However, it seems that there is still more to come.

As per reports from WABeta info, WhatsApp is at currently working on two new features which when introduced will help change the way we chat with the app. The upcoming feature which is as of now available in the beta version will let you revoke and edit your already sent messages.

This feature will work effectively only if the recipient of the message hasn't read the message yet. We all know that it's possible to remove or delete a chat on your own end although the recipient will in any case still be able to see it. With this new feature, the message will be deleted from the recipient's end as long he or she hasn't read it yet.

When this feature finally arrives, it will save many people from embarrassing moments like when you make a typing mistake or send a message to someone that you didn't intend sending it to.

Though this feature is already available on other messaging apps, it's really a good idea as WhatsApp is finally implementing that feature.


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