WhatsApp Adds Background Audio Playback And Two-Step Verification To The Latest Beta Version


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Only a couple of weeks back after rolling out the video calling feature, WhatsApp has again included two new feature which is background playback and the two-factor verification.

With the new Background Audio Playback, you can now listen to voice messages in the background. This means any audio message you are listening to on WhatsApp will keep on playing in the background even when you switch to other chat conversation or Application.

Also with the new two-stage verification, you will be requested that you provide a passcode anytime you are registering with a new phone number. You will likewise need to provide an email at anytime you need to reset your passcode.

So with this new two-step verification that WhatsApp is introducing to the app, it means nobody will have the capacity to register your WhatsApp account using your number except if they have your passcode or access to your email.

How To Activate The New Google Two-step verification Feature

1. First, you will need to to download the latest WhatsApp beta version. Which can be downloaded from
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2. Now, open your WhatsApp and go to the account settings section.
3. You will see Two-step verification option, click on it.
4. You just need to Enable the option there
5. Enter any 6 digit passcode of your choice that you can remember and confirm it.
6. Provide a recovery email that will be used to recover your passcode anytime you want to reset it.

That's it. Now your WhatsaApp account is more secured than before.


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