Samsung Is Currently Working on A Foldable Smartphone To Be Unveiled In 2017


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Samsung is apparently working on a foldable smartphone which is expected to be released next year 2017. As per the reports, the foldable phone will come with two screens which will open up like a tablet and may likely be revealed during CES next year January or MWC next year February.

The Samsung's foldable phone does not really twist a board as it has a hinge in the center and screen on both sides. The hinge permits you to open the phone in three unique positions. You can either open it up in a way that both displays will face outward making the device have a screen on both sides, You can likewise have both screens opened totally to make the phone look like a tablet or you can simply close it inward when not being used to protect the screen from crack or scratch.

As per the report, Samsung Electronics is actually preparing two versions of the foldable Smartphones with just a little amount of the dual-screen Smartphones produced first in 2017 in other examine reactions from markets sectors before finishing up whether to proceed onward to full production or stop the project.

I guess Samsung mobile is trying everything possible to rebuild its reputation furthermore recover from the Galaxy note 7 disasters.


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