OnePlus Company To Begin Manufacturing Smartphones In India To Meet Up With Growing Demands


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Due to the growing interest of OnePlus smartphone in India, the company is now planning to start producing the OnePlus 3T in India beginning next year. This was revealed in a meeting by the general manager of OnePlus India Vikas Agarwal with Reuters.

According to him in a quote,

We actually probably have lost, I would say, maybe 30 percent of sales because of stock-outs," Agarwal told Reuters. "The focus is on trying our best to meet the demand.
Behind China and USA, India is actually the third-biggest smartphone market in the world by a number of users and also, one of the major sources of revenue for OnePlus, accounting for the third of its worldwide sales. The OnePlus 3T which was launched on Amazon India this week has effectively earned the company around 200,000 registrations for the new smartphone, which is going at the starting price of $442 in India.

There is actually no concrete information from the OnePlus general manager in India in regards to who OnePlus will partner with in the manufacturing process of their smartphone in India, he just expressed that the company will work with "numerous partners" and mentioning Foxconn as one possible partner.

Although OnePlus as of now have seven service centers in India at present, Agarwal said the company will open six more service centers and also an "experience center" where potential customers will have the capacity to see and test OnePlus products.

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