Nokia 7 Plus With a 2 Days Battery Life, Specs And Price

Distributors of Nokia phones HMD Global has announced the arrival of “Nokia 7 Plus” in the country.

The Nokia 7 Plus is a smartphone with a striking smooth design, it also combines an innovative imaging capability and a powerful performance which runs for up to 2 days with one-time full charge.

Nokia 7 plus.jpg

The phone has an enhanced dual-sight, highly sensitive ‘ZEISS’ optics and ‘Pro’ camera mode that helps captures images at a very high quality no matter the lighting.

The Nokia 7 Plus has also been selected by Google to join the Android One family, which means, the device will constantly get latest and secure up to date Android Experience.

HMD Global also made a statement that “The Nokia 7 Plus is a true hero in our smartphone range. We know our fans are capturing, watching, exploring, working, and gaming on their phones more than ever before.

“From live-streaming TV shows, they want to see more in the palm of their hands. That’s why we’ve designed the Nokia 7 plus to be your stylish companion that goes wherever you go, always ready to deliver a high-quality big screen experience.

“Tightly packed in an ultra-compact body, the Nokia 7 plus will give our fans the chance to see more, do more, capture more and share it as it happens.”

The Nokia 7 Plus is available to buy from accredited dealers from April 23 and the price of the phone could be around GHC1,700
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