How To Disable Website "Show notification" Prompt In Chrome


It appears like any site we open for the very first time will show the annoying "Show Notification" prompt. I'm so tired of this and if you're also tired of clicking the "Block" option button all the time you can simply disable website "Show notifications" prompt in Chrome and never see those annoying pop-ups again.

Of course, after you click on the "Block" button, again and again, it can turn into a habit but for a few, it's still annoying. If you normally do permit notifications from a website, they will once in a while let you know about the latest content they're posting. Clearly, the greater part of us is refusing them in light of the fact that there are many different ways to monitor new content from your favorite sites, for example, RSS feed and newsletters.

How to disable website "Show notification" prompt in Chrome

As soon as you disable the website "Show notifications" prompt in Chrome, you will never see such prompts being shown to you on the websites you visit. It's also worth saying the technique described below works in Chrome regardless if you're utilizing it on Windows, in Mac, or on a Linux PC.

Open Chrome browser and in the URL bar enter the address below then press the Enter button (or Return on your Mac PC):


The "Ask before sending (recommended)" option is enabled by default in Chrome. Below, you may also have a list of websites for which you've already blocked notifications.


Now all you simply need to do is click on the toggle to turn off the "Ask before sending (recommended)" option. It should read "Blocked" immediately.

From that point onward, you can visit any website in Chrome without receiving any show notifications prompt.

If you ever have a change of mind and you'd like to get back the "Show notifications" prompts sent by websites, it's very easy to re-enable the feature.

How To Re-enable website "Show notifications" prompt in Chrome

To do this, you will need to come back to the Chrome Settings page above so quickly open the browser and type the following in the address bar:

Now, toggle on the "Blocked" option and it will switch back to "Ask before sending (recommended)". One more thing, you should know the list of websites you've blocked in the past will stay unaffected so you will never see "Show notifications" prompts from those websites regardless if you disable the global "Blocked" option.

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