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  1. johnboscoville

    WhatsApp upcoming features will let you edit and revoke already sent messages, videos and photos

    WhatsApp has released loads of new features and improvements for their messaging app, for example, the new video calling, group invite link, mentions and so on. However, it seems that there is still more to come. As per reports from WABeta info, WhatsApp is at currently working on two new...
  2. johnboscoville

    Latest Chrome for Android lets you save videos, music, and Full webpages for viewing offline

    Most popular known web browser, Google chrome has just recently rolled out a new version which is the Chrome 55 (55.0.2883.84) for Android device. The most recent version is based majorly on memory, performance, stability fixes and in addition different ways to save web pages for viewing...
  3. johnboscoville

    Facebook App For Android Device Now Lets You Download Videos And Also Supports HD Upload

    For months now, Facebook has been pushing out lots of new features which are centered majorly on enhancing the video feature of the Facebook app for Android users. For the individuals who uses the Facebook app for android, am certain you probably saw that there is no option to upload video in...
  4. johnboscoville

    Telegram Now Lets You Connect Your Account to Twitter, Gmail and Instagram And Many Others With IFTT

    Telegram which is also among the most popular social messaging applications for smartphones has just recently released another update for its iOS and Android users. The new update comes with great new features and also numerous improvements. The most recent telegram version 3.15 allows you...
  5. johnboscoville

    WhatsApp Adds Background Audio Playback And Two-Step Verification To The Latest Beta Version

    Only a couple of weeks back after rolling out the video calling feature, WhatsApp has again included two new feature which is background playback and the two-factor verification. With the new Background Audio Playback, you can now listen to voice messages in the background. This means any...