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xF2 Add-on Xenistatistik - Forum statistics system 1.2.2 beta 4

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[XenGenTr] Xenistatistik - English
It's a completely free add-on for Xenforo 2.
The plugin definitely does not create an extra database table, query, or loop. Xenforo 2 is a system based on the default system.
In short, friends who do not want to install the plugin can install this system forum with peace of mind.


Attachment properties,
  • Widget system.
  • Contains the latest posts
  • Contains the latest topics.
  • Includes desired user statistics.
  • Add-on options
    • Toggle plug-in
    • View / hide the avatars
    • View details / hide details
    • 3 Display in a different location
    • Drawing topics from desired forums.
    • Show the subject, message of the desired number.
  • Visual features,
    • You can customize all fields from the theme property field.
  • Plug-in permissions,
    • Can you see the new stuff?
    • Can you see the new messages?
    • Can see user statistics?
Plug-in setup
Step 1,
- Pull the file from the attachment
Step 2,
- Into the folder named UPLOAD the file into the folders with the same name in the FTP
Step 3,
- Adminpc >> Add-ons >> find add-ons >> Upload with install button

The Türkçeleştirme;
You do not need to do any extra processing.

- Admincp >> Groups and permissions >> User group permissions >> Group to be authorized >> [XenGenTr] Xenistatistik authorities
- Adminpc >> Installations >> XF options >> [XenGenTr] Xenity statistics
- Adminpc >> Views and languages >> Theme properties >> [XenGenTr] Xenistatistik Tasarım

xengentr-istatistik acp permission.png


[XenGenTr] Xenistatistik design.png

xengentr-istatistik full.png
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