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xF2 Add-on Audio plus 1.2

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Audio plus 1.2 - plugin XenForo 2 which allows you to output audio player for attached files in .mp3 format.

Author: Andy


How to use:
1. Create a message.
2. Download the .mp3 audio file using the "Upload file" button.
3. Save the changes.
4. The audio player is automatically inserted into the message.
5. Press the play button to listen to the audio.

Step 1:
Create a folder / misc / in your forum folder.
Download the following Andy / AudioPlus / audioplus.php file to the / misc / folder .

Step 2:
To take the next step, you need to turn on the forum in debug mode. Upload$ config ['debug'] = true; in the config.php file .
On the control panel of the control panel administrator -> Content -> User BB codes update the user's BB code. The HTML replacement should reflect your domain and folder location / misc /.


Remove $ config ['debug'] = true; from the config.php file .

Step 3:
On the administrator control panel, update the "Maximum file size of the attached file (KB)" to 3072, this will allow downloading no more than 3 MB of audio files.
In the administrator control panel, update the "Allowed attachment file extensions" to include MP3 files.

Step 4:
This add-on requires that the user group that is not registered / unconfirmed has the "View attachments in posts" setting set to "Yes". Questions and Answers: Q: After downloading the file, you receive the following error message: "The file could not be downloaded".

A: This means that you need to increase the maximum configuration of the php.ini download.

Q: Will this add the audio player to any previous messages with attachments .mp3?
Oh no. To make old messages, you will need to edit and save the message.

Q: Error error.log with the file_get_contents command.
A: Make sure that allow_url_fopen is included in PHP.
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